Extension project by installing new production line with capacity of 600 000 tons ... Details >>

 Corporate social responsibility

Throughout our history, we have sought to be a good Corporate citizen with sustainability being an integral part of our business.

Our management team continually works to enhance and execute our framework of sustainable development initiatives and as a company , we are aware of our responsibility to the society and to business community,
we are continually working not only to reduce the environmental impact of our production process , but also to enhance the attributes of our cement to advance the sustainability of the structures built with it.

  is sponsoring  TV programs to upraise the cultural level In
port said.

1.     Spegyco is supporting charity activities in the area around the Company and in the local community .



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Through a collection of our photos you can discover alot about the factory, production process , and products.

A tour to our factory indicates the machines, workers and production line till the carriers to outside our factory >>

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